A Bake Off to Remember

Most children who come into care lack supportive and consistent figures they can depend on in their lives. Since opening, we have seen the power of a “united front” while supporting our young men and unfortunately how detrimental it can be to our teens when the adults in their lives are not on the same page. Maintaining healthy and positive relationships with each teen’s team is extremely important to us and we welcome any opportunity to build these bonds.

Lee Waits (CASA Volunteer) has an ongoing relationship with a 15 year old who has been in our program since January 2018. Lee has openly expressed his support for the HOC program and the role we have played in this teen’s life. Last month, Lee proposed we host a bake off between him and our very own program manager, Sheldon Neal.


Lee came ready to prepare a delicious batch of cinnamon rolls. He and the 15 year old resident worked all morning mixing ingredients, kneading dough and so on. Lee’s wife was kind enough to put an extra sweet touch on the rolls by mixing together a homemade icing.


On the other hand, Mr. Neal prepared his classic pound cake that has become a favorite over the years at HOC. As always, Mr. Neal measured each ingredient to a “t” and prepared the cake with love.


We are thankful our young men had the opportunity to see two caring men preparing treats for them with so much joy. Though a little friendly competition never hurt anyone, both of them are number one in our eyes today.


Special thanks to Mr. Waits for his dedication to the young man in our care and for providing our teens and staff the opportunity to grow closer in this experience.

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