Baked Expressions Workshop

We have a handful of activities planned for Spring break this year! Some will be educational, others will be active, and ALL will be fun!

Baked Expressions is a company that specializes in creating custom wedding cakes that taste delicious! The owner, Renea Feagin, has taken great intrest in getting involved with the young men at DASE. She has visited our facility on several occasions to cook special dinners for them, and has even let them help her prepare the meals.
This week, she was kind enough to invite us to her store front and gave us a tour. The young men were fascinated with the cakes she had on display. Ms. Renea shared her story, gave insight on what goes into the process of making a cake, and showed us magazines she’s recently been featured in. The residents looked in amazement as Ms. Renea demonstrated different techniques used to decorate cakes. They were ecstatic when she allowed them to create their own designs using her tools. A few of their designs are included below!

We think they did a great job for their first try! The young men said they really enjoyed the outing and had wonderful things to say:

“Those were the best cupcakes I’ve had in my life. I wonder if Ms. Renea would let me work in her shop to earn a cake for my birthday…” – 16 year old resident

“Ms. Renea’s shop is really cool and CLEAN.” – 14 year old resident

“I learned how to put raspberry filling in my cupcakes! I never knew how they did that before. – 13 year old resident

“I think my cupcake should’ve been voted the best! I was the most creative out of everyone.” – 15 year old resident

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