The holidays are a difficult time for youth in foster care.

Over the years, we’ve heard many stories of the struggles our teens have faced during the holiday season. Some have not spent Christmas with family since their childhood years, while others have gone years without gifts.

“Last year I moved placements right before Christmas, so I spent the day with people I barely knew. I was really sad. I never want to go through that again…”

– 14 Year Old Resident

We’ve replaced countless sad memories with happier ones.

With this in mind, the HOC team has made it our mission to make the holiday season an extra special time. The month of December is filled with decorating, cookie baking, family dinners, game nights and tons of quality time between our residents and staff. Many of our guys have shared that their best holidays have been spent here in our home.

“I’ve been at HOC for a few years and this is probably the last Christmas I’ll have here. The holidays are always good. We spend a lot of time together and the staff pays attention to what we’d like for gifts. Everyone’s always in a good mood and I’m able to just relax for a bit. I’m gonna miss this…”

– 18 Year Old Resident

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone!

As you can imagine, there’s a pretty competitive spirit in the home no matter the occasion when working with teenage boys. We always add in a few activities that allow the guys to compete and earn a reward from our staff. This year, a 16 year old resident took home the prize in our Nutcracker design competition!

Thoughts from the Guys…

“I think my favorite thing about Christmas this year was being in a place where people care about me.”

– 16 Year Old Resident

“I got really cool stuff from HOC. A few things I asked for, but they surprised me with things I didn’t even put on my wishlist!”

– 17 Year Old Resident

“I still think I should’ve won the nutcracker competition, *laughs* but I had a lot of fun! Maybe next year!”

– 15 Year Old Resident

“I came back to HOC during my holiday break. I have to admit I really missed being here. The people, the food…I’m happy to be back.”

– 19 Year Old HOC Alumni

Thank you to everyone who kept House of Compassion in your thoughts this holiday season. The HOC family is so happy to have your support!


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