When we consolidated our sites and moved into a new home last November, we never could have imagined all the ways it would transform our program and everyday lives of the youth we serve. 

One of the biggest perks of our new home is the amount of space. 

With 6100 ft2, we’ve found ways to utilize the additional space to our advantage. Our home now includes several community spaces for our teens to unwind, connect and get productive. 

Upgraded Personal Space

Our teens have fallen in love with their new bedrooms! Each one includes two full size beds, two sets of personal storage space and a BATHROOM. (No more waiting in long lines to shower!)

Engagement & Entertainment

Our living room has become the perfect place for movie marathons, game nights and quality time between our teens and staff. 

Calling all artists! The creative lab is THE space for you. During school hours we use the lab for virtual learning/homework, applying for jobs, research, etc. However, in the evenings it’s opened up for free time, creating music, graphic design and much more! By encouraging these outlets, we’ve seen an increase in focus, productivity and utilization of self-expression as a coping skill.

A rec room is practically a necessity for a house full of teenage boys. We gladly added a rec room to our new home with an additional screen for game play. 

A helpful tip for future residents: 

The HOC team likes to reward teamwork and good performance. You may be able to earn new games if everyone is on the right track!

Services & Skill-Building

Our last stop is the conference room. Over the last year, we have used this room for therapy, treatment meetings, tutoring, life skills classes and on-site visitation. It provides the privacy needed for each session, while decreasing disruptions to day to day activities in the home.

We’ve spent the last year growing our program, establishing new ways to support our teens and creating wonderful memories in our new home during the process. We are so happy to have a home that will provide new opportunities for our youth, while bringing them the sense of comfort and normalcy they all deserve to experience.

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