HOC is redefining the way residential care is traditionally approached.

For nearly a decade, House of Compassion has pushed the boundaries of what quality care and treatment should be for youth needing support.  Our unique homelike environment is highly regarded by the most important part of our mission: the youth that we serve.

Mission Statement

To provide quality care to youth by identifying potential, setting performance goals, and offering consistent emotional and mental support.

HOC Program Features Highlights Philosophy 

With a collective effort to provide quality care and treatment in a homelike environment, our team can stabilize behaviors, improve performance in school, foster positive relationships and reduce stigma towards youth struggling with mental health diagnosis.

We believe these program features are essential factors for providing effective treatment and enhancing the lives of the youth we serve:

Maintains a supportive, comfortable, and nurturing environment for all youth receiving treatment.

Provides exceptional quality throughout the treatment process with consistent effort.

Provides opportunities to experience inclusion within the community, with focused efforts towards making persons served feel valued as members of society.

Prioritizes academic achievement and overcoming challenges hindering the learning process.

Assists with identifying potential, goal-setting, and encourages overall growth among the program, personnel and persons served.

HOC Services

  • Premium Case Management
  • 24/7 Supervision
  • Therapy (Individual & Family)
  • Psychiatric Assessments
  • Education Support
  • Life Skills Training

Our team works closely with each teen to help them develop and achieve their goals.

From Referral to Intake

Virtual Meet & Greet

In order to maintain safe practices, all interviews with youth are being conducted virtually! See our FAQ below for tips on how to prepare.

Schedule Intake

After your meet & greet, you will be contacted within 24 hours with the final decision. If accepted, our Program Coordinator will work with you to get intake scheduled at your convenience!










What level of treatment do you offer?

Though based in a homelike setting, House of Compassion provides residential services for youth levels 2-3.

What's the average length of stay?

The average length of stay at HOC is 10-12 months. However, the length of stay is solely based on each teens progress towards treatment goals, readiness to transition and availability of an appropriate alternative placement.

How long does the referral process take?

We always try to work with your timeline for placement. In the event that placement is needed urgently, we are happy to schedule the required consultation and interview with your teen within 48 hours of the initial referral submission.

Does HOC accept emergency placements?

Our program is ideal for youth who are needing a step down from a higher level facility or more restrictive environment, however, we do accept emergency placements when possible.

Will my youth have a roommate?

Like every other aspect of our program, we do our best to accommodate the needs of each of our teens. Most of our youth are paired with a roommate who we feel will complement their age, personality, and comfort. We do have single rooms available as necessary for youth who may do better solo. 

How do visits and passes work?

Each teen in our care has a list of approved visitors. Once added to the list by the legal guardian, you can contact our office immediately to schedule your next visit! All visits and passes are held per the recommendation of the treatment team. 

How do I know if my youth is a good fit?

We encourage you to contact our office for a consultation before ruling out our placement. With that said, if your youth has maintained stability in their current placement for at least three months, puts forth consistent effort towards treatment and life goals, and shows a desire to connect with a strong support system, they could be a great fit for our program!

How can my teen prepare for the meet & greet?

We understand that interviews are tough; that’s why we make our meet and greets as easy as possible. Be prepared to learn about our program and tell us about yourself. In addition, we’d like to hear about your strengths, weaknesses, and goals. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!