Stakeholder Survey

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeSlightly DisagreeSlightly AgreeAgreeStrongly AgreeN/A
When contacting us by phone, your call is answered in a prompt and courteous manner.
Our employees return phone calls and/or answer email messages in a timely manner.
Requests for information about our services, or about an Individual receiving services, are responded to in a timely manner.
I have been treated with respect each time I have had contact with your organization.
Persons who request services, and meet the requirements for admission to a program, are admitted in a timely manner.
Our organization treats all persons participating in services with respect.
Our employees are sensitive to differences in the cultural backgrounds of the persons receiving services.
Our organization encourages, and is open to feedback about the quality of our services.
Our organization is highly respected throughout the community for providing quality services.
I would recommend your organization's services to a family member or friend, without hesitation.
Please provide us with comments and feedback about this program. Please provide any specific suggestions you may have for improving our organization and our services: