What We Do

House of Compassion is a non-profit residential treatment facility for young men ages 12 to 21. We provide a safe haven for young men needing refuge from danger, neglect, and abuse. We also specialize in working with teens that are level 2 & 3 and are leveling down from intense residential care.


We have extraordinary success working with teens that are diagnosed with ADHD, PTSD, Asperger Syndrome, and various mood disorders. Our direct care professionals are highly trained and dedicated to caring for our teens. Our investment in quality staff is one of the keys to our success with teens in care.


Our Mission:

The mission of House of Compassion is to provide quality care to youth by identifying potential, setting performance goals, and offering consistent emotional and mental support.


24 Hour Supervision


Behavior Management


Educational Support


Personalized Care Plans


Medication Management


Life Skills Training


Individual & Group Therapy


House of Compassion opened on May 5th, 2012. Our founder, Erika Peterson (“Miss Erika”) dreamed of a program that would change lives and make a big impact in the community. Originally named D.A.S.E. House of Compassion, the program has embraced the simpler: House of Compassion (or HOC), but continues to operate with the same core values that our founder cared so much about. After 14 months from the time we opened, our founder, Miss Erika, passed away during her long battle with breast cancer. Her three sons, along with family and friends, have committed themselves to carrying out her vision and legacy.

When you visit HOC today, you’ll feel the same positive energy and warmth that Miss Erika created in her home. In 2017, Sheldon Neal (her oldest son and HOC Program Manager) expanded the program with a second home. With two locations, nicknames were given to each home, and to pay homage to our founder, we named our original home “Peterson House”. Our newest home is named after Amy Beaird (“Beaird House”), a CASA volunteer that inspires us with her enormous efforts.

HOC continues to excel in helping children reach their goals and conquer their obstacles. As we continue to grow, we thank you for your commitment to our program.