“About 1 in 4 kids who age out of the system will not graduate from high school or be able to pass their GED.”

This means in our current group of twelve, three of them are at risk of never walking across the stage with their class. Although we understand college and other forms of higher education may not be in the plans of many youth we encounter, the reality is there are few opportunities you can pursue without a high school diploma. It is our goal to help all of our teens earn one.

“Students in foster care move schools at least once or twice a year and by the time they age out of the system, over one third will have experienced five or more school moves.”

Most teens we encounter are capable of performing on the level of their peers, but they simply haven’t had consistency in their learning environment. With weekly grade checks, daily study time and consistent effort to eliminate the factors hindering performance, we’ve seen incredible growth among the young men we serve.


“We’re practicing counting money during study time because I never learned how to when I was younger. I showed my teachers at school and they were proud I’m doing a lot better.”

– 15 Year Old Resident

“I used to hate study time but it’s not that bad. I’m getting a lot more of my work done now.”

– 14 Year Old Resident

“Before I came to HOC I had mostly failing grades. Since I’ve been here I’ve had passing grades all school year and I’m really proud of that.”

– 15 Year Old Resident

“I’m so thankful for the staff at HOC. My grandson would not have graduated from high school without their support over the last 2 years.”

– Grandmother of 18 Year Old Resident

“I was on the honor roll for the first time when I was at HOC. They took a picture of me with my certificate and everything.”

–15 Year Old HOC Alumni

“I was failing all of my classes because I was too far behind. The staff at HOC made sure I was retested and had my IEP goals changed. It helped me do a lot better.”

– 18 Year Old HOC Alumni

“I was two grades behind when I came to HOC. They supported me in getting into the MO Options program and I was able to walk ON TIME with my class this year.”

– 18 Year Old HOC Alumni

“I got suspended from school so many times before I went to HOC, but I never had an issue again when I was there. I didn’t care about school either, but I started taking my grades more seriously and ended my last year with all A’s, B’s and C’s. I played sports for the school for the first time too. I don’t feel like anyone really believed in me until I got to HOC.”

– 19 Year Old HOC Alumni

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